• Nitrate tester EcoLifePro 2

Nitrate tester EcoLifePro 2

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EcoLifePro 2 is a nitrate meter and a salimeter all rolled into one. It allows you to determine degree of safety of food and water. The device is compact and lightweight and it is a great tool for quality control of baby food. The device is convenient to take it with you to a store, to a market, on a hike or on a trip. EcoLifePro 2 has proven to be highly accurate in laboratory tests.

Determines the amount of nitrates in food products

Nitrates are one of the most harmful substances that can enter our body with food. They are absorbed by plants from the soil containing a huge amount of nitrogen fertilizers. Once in the human body, nitrates are transformed into nitrites. Nitrites are absorbed from the intestines into the blood and cause oxygen starvation, accumulation of lactic acid in tissues, their poisoning and decomposition, as well as cancer of the gastrointestinal tract. The device determines the concentration of nitrates in food (vegetables, fruit, juice, fresh meat, etc.) in seconds and allows you to make sure that there is no threat to your health.

Measures the concentration of salts in water

The chemical composition of water is different due to the contained impurities, most often these are salts of inorganic origin. These substances change the smell and the taste of water. EcoLifePro 2 makes it easy to determine the quality of water you use for household and technical needs from various sources: water filters, jugs, wells, boreholes, etc. It is also useful for determining hardness of water in aquariums, swimming pools; while watering plants at home or in a garden as well as to control the quality of water filters and their replacement age.

The memory of the device stores normal readings for almost all existing products, as such it will explain in clear text messages on a display how dangerous a particular level of nitrate content in products or salt impurities in water is.

The quality of baby food, vegetable and fruit purees should be checked first of all, because the child's body is especially exposed to the negative effects of nitrates and their compounds.

The device is equipped with a removable dipstick, which is enough to immerse in a product or a liquid for just a few seconds to obtain accurate measurement results which are shown on the large color display of the device.

Package contents:

  • Nitrate- and  salimeter "EcoLife Pro-2"
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Removable dipstick
  • Carrying case
  • User manual
  • 1 year warranty and lifetime support

Download manual


Technical feature Value
Nitrate measuring range, mg / kg from 20 to 10 000
TDS measuring range, mg / L from 0 to 999
Measuring time, sec, max 15
ВС voltage (two AAA batteries), V from 2,2 to 3,2
Input current, mA, max 210
Operation conditions temperature: from +5 to +40°C (from 41 to 104 °F);
humidity at 30°C (86 °F): below 95%
Dimensions, mm 112 x 65 x 30 (4,4 x 2,6 x 1,2 in)
Weight, g, max 120 (4,2 oz)

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