• Mosquito killer system GRAD Black G1 ECO

Mosquito killer system GRAD Black G1 ECO

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Efficient, compact and affordable!

GRAD Black G1 ECO is a stationary mosquito killing system designed for protecting large areas of 1 - 1.2 acres (4000 - 5000 sq.m.) from mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects. The most effective known lures attract mosquitoes close to the device and subsequently get sucked inside the trap. In this model we have reduced some functions to offer a lower price.

And if you need the most powerful mosquito trap with a maximum number of functions, we recommend a superior model — GRAD Black G2.

Mosquito killing system GRAD Black G1 ECO

GRAD Black G1 ECO advantages:

  • An effective attracting system. The device utilizes standard luring methods, such as carbon dioxide emission, heating of the housing and UV light. Besides, the device can be used with G-mosquito attractant (purchased separately) for imitation of human’s smell. This attractant increase protection area to 1.2 acres (5000 sq.m).

Mosquito killing system GRAD Black G1 ECO

  • Compact and lightweight housing made of metal. The dimensions of the device with support are 11 x 11 x 31 in (28 x 28 x 78 cm), and the weight is only 12.8 lb (5.8 kg). Due to its relatively small size, it is easy to move the device around (it is necessary to change its location from time to time). At the same time, durable metal housing allows to use the device in precipitation and in any weather conditions.

Mosquito killing system GRAD Black G1 ECO

Application area

GRAD Black G1 ECO is designed to destroy blood-sucking insects (mosquitoes, gnats, horseflies, midges, etc.) on the territories of private houses, villages, gardens, recreation areas, summer cafes, restaurants, etc. In just 2-3 weeks, the device will significantly reduce or completely destroy the number of mosquitoes in your area.

Mosquito killing system GRAD Black G1 ECO

Operation principle

The device uses a number of attracting principles for luring blood-sucking insects, such as:

1. Emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) for breath imitation. It is recommended to use only highly purified carbon dioxide (also known as food grade carbon dioxide). Gas with impurities significantly decreases the effectiveness of the device. Note that the device utilizes SAFE carbon dioxide gas instead of highly explosive propane.

Note that the device utilizes SAFE carbon dioxide gas instead of highly explosive propane.

2. Heating of the device’s housing up to the temperature of a living being. 40W halogen bulbs heat the surface of the device up to 96.8-100.4 °F (36-38 °C) and keep it constant while the device is in operation.

3. UV-light. The bulbs don’t just warm up the housing, but also emit UV-light which lures insects.

4. Spreading of attractant smell (G-Mosquito). The substances used in attractant produce a scent that is similar to the smell of a human or an animal.

In combination with carbon dioxide, attractants have a mutually enhancing effect which doubles the number of attracted mosquitoes.

5. A special surface imitating human skin. The device’s housing has a special texture. Mosquitoes perceive its surface as human skin and sit on the device.

After the fan sucks the attracted mosquitoes in, they fall into a mesh bag where they die. The fan does not suck all the mosquitoes at once. Attracted mosquitoes will circle around the device and end up getting inside the device and mesh bag.

Mosquito killing system GRAD Black G1 ECO

Operating instructions

After switching on, the device will work continuously, attracting and killing mosquitoes 24/7. The user does not need to adjust anything, carbon dioxide emission and fan operation are automatic.

We recommend to install the device between the place where mosquitoes breed (swamp, lake, lowland, forest) and the place that needs to be protected from insects. The device can be installed in bushes, over dense grass, under trees, etc. If the number of mosquitoes is large, it is necessary to move the device throughout the territory at a distance of 20-33 ft (6-10 meters).

The device’s design allows to use it in the rain, so it does not require any additional protection.


It is necessary to replace the consumables of the device so that it functions properly and keeps its efficiency. These include:

  • Carbon dioxide. 40 liter carbon dioxide cylinder is sufficient for about a month of operation, 10 liter cylinder – for 7-8 days.
  • G-mosquito attractant. One piece is intended for approximately 21 days of operation.

GRAD Black G2 and GRAD Black G1 ECO comparison table


Maximum protection area

4000 - 5000

Nonanal attractant


G-mosquito attractant

yes (sold separately)

UV light


Tunnel effect light (short range attractant)


Skin texture imitation


Skin color imitation (short range attractant)


Operation in slanting rain


Operation in humid climate


Two biological attractants


Operation modes


Eliminating other insects (besides mosquitoes)


Housing heating (imitation of body temperature)


Housing material


Height of the device with support

13 x 13 x 37 in (33 х 33 х 94 cm )
11 x 11 x 31 in (28 х 28 х 78 cm )

Device weight with supports

17.64 lb (8 kg)
12.8 lb (5,8 kg

Power consumption


Technical specifications

Protection area

1-1.2 acres (4000 - 5000 sq.m.)

Maximum power consumption

115 VA


2 pcs, G4 base, 40W, 220V

Power supply

220V, 50Hz

CO2 consumption

  • 40 liter cylinder — 28-30 days;
  • 10 liter cylinder — 7-8 days.

Operating temperature

From 10 to 122 °F (10 to 50 °С)


  • main unit diameter — 8.3 in (210 mm)
  • top cover diameter — 11 in (275 mm)
  • main unit height — 14 in (360 mm)
  • height of the device with supports — 31 in (785 mm)

Weight of the device with support

12.8 lb (5,8 kg)

Package contents

  • Main unit with the cover
  • supports (3 pcs.)
  • mesh bag
  • mounting kit
  • gas pressure reducer
  • clamp
  • fitting
  • instruction manual

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