• Moles repeller "SITITEK KM-01S"

Moles repeller "SITITEK KM-01S"

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New model of 2021! With improved efficiency, more powerful solar panel and vibration motor!

"SITITEK KM-01S" is an updated mole repeller designed by our engineers. If features a unique technology of triple exposure to pests. In addition to the standard vibration effect, it is capable of creating a weak magnetic field that affects the ability of moles to navigate in space. Moreover, the device simulates the presence of solid objects in the ground and emits a special smell that causes underground pests feel severe discomfort.

Vibration, magnetic and repellent technologies for pest control

Underground animals have very developed hearing, they can distinguish even the smallest ground motion. The vibration produced by the repeller is perceived by moles as a serious danger — a landslide, an earthquake or presence of a predator nearby. In addition to the standard vibration effect, it is capable of creating a weak magnetic field that affects the ability of moles to navigate. Moreover, the device simulates presence of solid objects in the ground. The smell of the repellent has an extra effect on the olfactory receptors of moles causing the strongest discomfort which makes them leave their inhabited area as soon as possible.

Powered by sun rays

A solar panel located on the top of the repeller’s housing ensures autonomous operation of the device. During the day it allows the device to operate at full power using all types of exposure. Moreover, due to its large size and increased power the solar panel allows the device to operate at full capacity even on cloudy days. The device features an increased height of 37 cm (1.2 ft) which ensures that the repeller receives more solar energy and it is not overshadowed by tall grass and other plants. This way, you don't even have to worry about charging or replacing the batteries.

The signal changes in frequency of vibrations and works continuously. Pests do not adapt to it and experience severe discomfort, which forces them to leave the territory protected by the repeller as quickly as possible.

During the day, the device has the maximum impact on moles and in cloudy weather and at night it works silently, emitting only a magnetic signal and a repelling smell.

The repeller helps both to prevent the appearance of moles on the site and to remove already settled pests in the shortest possible time. Simply place the device in the ground for about half of its length (according to the min – max labels) after softening the soil.

Отпугиватель кротов SITITEK KM-01S

For the maximum effect, you can use a mini system of several devices. Just place the devices in a staggered order with a distance of 5-6 m (16-19 ft) between each of them. This will create denser interference for pests and multiple reverberations thus increasing the protected surface several times.

Package contents:

  • mole repeller
  • user manual
  • 1 year warranty and lifetime support


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