• Mosquito attractant Nonanal

Mosquito attractant Nonanal

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"Nonanal" is a unique substance that was discovered recently. It’s used only with our products, increasing the efficiency of attracting mosquitoes by 50%.

About "Nonanal"

"Nonanal" is a unique substance that is contained in the sweat of human beings and animals. Just in 2009 it was found that nonanal was the factor alarming to mosquitoes that the victim was near.

Many experiments were conducted, and in the course of them it was studied the reaction of a female mosquito (only female mosquitoes drink human’s blood) to the effect of different attractants consisting of various ingredients.

Among those attractants it was the "Nonanal" that triggered the strongest mosquito’s reaction. It activated more than a half of all mosquito’s receptors. A mosquito, with the help of its horns, was feeling even the minimum concentrations of "Nonanal".

Consequently, "Nonanal" is a modern product that is one of the most important insect attracting factors. The use of repeller without "Nonanal" reduces the repeller’s efficiency in more than 1,5 times.

Our researchers are the first specialists who have used the attractant "Nonanal" in the design of the repeller of such a type. This design arrangement is our company’s property, it’s patented.

Mosquito attractant Nonanal

How to replace the container

This procedure is very easy. You can do it by yourself and all it will take is just a minute. All you need is to unscrew the empty container out of the triple adaptor and screw a new container instead.

The flowrate

One container is sufficient for minimum 50 days of twenty-four-hour using. But more often than not the repeller is used in the night mode, because mosquitoes are not active during the day. That’s why one container with "Nonanal" is sufficient for one mosquito season of operating in the night mode (late spring-summer- early autumn).

Package contents:

  • Bottle "Nonanal", 10 ml

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