• Personal security alarm system "PA-02"

Personal security alarm system "PA-02"

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Personal security alarm system "PA-02" with a "barking dog" effect is designed to protect apartments, houses, offices, shops, warehouses and other real estate from intruders. When the built-in motion sensor detects an external movement, the device simulates loud and realistic barking of an angry dog, which scares robbers away. "PA-02" can also be used as an automatic doorbell.

The device is equipped with a motion sensor that detects intruders through walls at a distance of 1 to 8 meters (3.3 to 26.3 feet)

The sensitivity of the built-in sensor is adjusted manually using a rotary knob. It is capable of detecting movements through any obstacles (brick, concrete and wooden walls, windows), with the exception of metal obstructions. Sensor activation range is adjusted experimentally. This distance is usually set in the range of 1-2 m (3.3 ft - 6.6 ft) in apartments while in houses and industrial premises it can vary.

One gets an impression that property is guarded by a real watchdog

The device features an intelligent algorithm for generating dog barking. Having detected a movement, the device generates a very realistic growl of a large angry dog. If the passerby does not react and continues to move in the protected area, the growl turns into furious barking. The sounds never repeat, so it’s almost impossible to tell that they aren’t produced by a real dog.

The device allows you to scare intruders away, besides it notifies of the intrusion by an alarm sound and informs about guests coming around by "doorbell" sound.

A power adapter is supplied with the device, however it can be powered by an external 5V battery (e.g. power bank). You can also connect a solar battery for completely autonomous operation.

Volume of the built-in speaker is adjustable and 3,5 mm audio jack allows you to connect up to 4 speakers for sound amplification.

Delivery set:

  • personal alarm system "PA-02"
  • 110/220V power adapter
  • instruction
  • 1 year warranty and lifetime support

Technical features:

  • Motion sensor range: adjustable from 1 to 8 m (from 3.3 to 26.3 ft);
  • Motion sensor scan angle: circular direction;
  • Operation modes: dog growl and barking, alarm, doorbell sound;
  • Audio output for speakers — 3.5 mm jack;
  • Power — 110/220V power adapter, external power supply 5V (Power Bank, solar panel, etc.);
  • Maximum consumption — 0.5 А;
  • Liquid and dust protection — IP42;
  • Dimensions — 160х110х30 mm (6.3x4.3x1.2 in);
  • Weight — 250 g (8.8 oz);
  • Operating temperature — from -10 to +50 °С (14 to 122 °F).

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