• Moles repeller "Weitech WK-0677"

Moles repeller "Weitech WK-0677"

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"Weitech WK-0677 Solar" is an efficient and portable mole repeller with a solar panel. It quickly drives away all underground pests from the area of your garden: moles, mole crickets, shrews, etc.

Effectively drives away underground pests from an area of 3.5 acres

Even one device provides protection for a fairly large area. To do this, the repeller emits low-frequency sound signals into the soil, which cause vibrations in the ground and cause moles to leave the inhabited places in the repelling area in a panic. Pests do not leave the territory immediately — it can take up to several weeks, if you use the repeller constantly.

It works independently, recharging from sunlight

The solar panel located in the upper part of repeller ensures the portable operation of device. The charge accumulated in built-in battery during the daytime (when the sun is active) is enough to operate the device at night. This way, you don't have to worry about charging or replacing the batteries.

The signal emitted by repeller generator is constantly changing and alternates with pauses in a random order, which does not allow the moles to get used to it and adapt.

The device is made in a durable and moisture-resistant case, it is not affected by rain and temperature changes.

The product has the mushroom shape, the leg of which is pointed at the bottom, that makes it easy to install it in the soil in a pre-made hole.

Package contents:

  • Mole repeller
  • Instruction
  • 1 year warranty and lifetime support


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