• Mini scale SITITEK C03

Mini scale SITITEK C03

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SITITEK C03 is a reliable and compact scale with a high accuracy, a large steel platform and an extended weighing limit, which is useful in various situations. Tiny beads and massive figurines can be weighed on it, so this is an excellent choice for collectors, gemologists, coin collectors. It is possible to self-calibrate the mini scale, there is an auto-off function when outage. The device is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

Suitable for weighing large and heavy items

Scale has a large weighing limit (up to 1000 grams) and an enlarged platform of 100x100 mm. A large-sized thing can be placed on such a platform, for example, antique watches, statuettes, semi-precious and ornamental stones, etc. The stainless steel platform is not afraid of careless handling, and it is additionally covered with a transparent removable cover with a company logo. You can weigh objects of different textures (stones, metal, etc.).

Allow to weigh small items with minimum inaccuracy

The SITITEK C03 mini scale is noted for quite high accuracy, so it can be used to determine the weight of items such as coins, jewelry, as well as other miniature products. Measurements are displayed on a clear and large display with a blue backlit, where readings can be perfectly viewed, in any light, even very bad.

This feature allows you to quickly find out the exact weight of the item without packing. It is very convenient for weighing liquid and bulk substances that cannot be put on the scale without any capacity.

The scale automatically calculates the number of items on the platform if the weight of one item is known.

The device can display the weight of objects in the most common units of measurement: grams (g), pounds (oz), pennyweight (dwt), grains (gn).

Delivery set:

  • mini scale
  • instruction
  • 1 year warranty and lifetime support





Weighing limit, g



Measurement precision, g



Size of weighing platform, mm

100 х 100

55 х 50

Auto-off function when outage




2 "ААА" batteries

2 "ААА" batteries

Dimensions, mm

128 х 115 х 18

100 х 60 х 20

Weight, g



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