• Bird repeller "Zon Mark 4"

Bird repeller "Zon Mark 4"

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The automatic propane cannon "Zon Mark 4" effectively repels birds in a huge area. It is designed to protect fields, gardens, reservoirs, airfields, etc. against birds. The device is rain- and sun-proof.

Effectively repels birds from large areas

The volume of shot is high (up to 125 dB), so the sound spreads very far, which allows you to protect an area of up to 20 234 square meters or 5 acres (depends on the landscape). Shots are generated during explosive combustion of propane in a special section, and cannon significantly enhances the sound. Liquefied gas is delivered from a barrel through mechanical regulator. After the gas is entered into combustion section, piezoelectric sensors trigger automatically, initiating shot.

If you need to expand protection area, you can buy a special rotary tripod, which will widen the coverage area in 8 times.

Built-in mechanical controller allows you to set pause between shots from 40 seconds up to 30 minutes.

The device consumes gas gradually — a 10-liter barrel is enough for 17,000 shots. With interval of 30 minutes between shots, cannon will be able to work from one barrel for almost a year.

Cannon is designed to work in open areas without electricity as it uses mechanisms.

Package contents:

  • Cannon "Zon Mark 4"
  • Instruction
  • 1 year warranty and lifetime support

We have exclusive rights to sell "Dazon" cannons and products under the brand "ZON"

We have exclusive rights to sell Dazon cannons and products under the brand ZON

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