• Mosquito killer system GRAD Black G1

Mosquito killer system GRAD Black G1

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New model with advanced suction system and new control panel!

A new, highly effective mosquito trap system against blood-sucking insects (gnats, blackflies, mosquitoes, horseflies, etc.). The operating principle is based on the following factors that attract mosquitoes:

  • the housing is heated to a human body temperature;
  • carbon dioxide (СО2) emission which imitates breath;
  • discharge of attractant substance (Nonanal), having high efficacy in attracting mosquitoes, which has been proven by American entomologists Walter Leal and his colleague Zain Syed. According to their complex research, a female mosquito navigates her prey not only by the location of heat and CO2, most actively it follows the concentrations of nonanal contained in the sweat of humans and animals.

Mosquito killer system GRAD Black G1

Carbon dioxide discharge and heating of the system's housing have a periodic nature which imitates animal's movement. This attracts mosquitoes. When they approach the system, they get sucked inside by a fan and then end up in the netted container where they die.

The device is a safe alternative to utilizing chemical substances for mosquito control. It is silent and reliable and is the most effective way of terminating blood-sucking insects where potentially dangerous pesticides and other chemical methods are not desired.

Mosquito killer system GRAD Black G1

Another important advantage is that the device does not attract helpful insects which is the case with devices utilizing UV lamps. A study held by the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana showed that approximately 70-350 billion of useful insects are annually destroyed by devices with UV lamps. Additionally, UV light helps mosquitoes to find water where they lay eggs.

Mosquito killer system GRAD Black G1

Tests showed that GRAD Black G1 is capable of attracting and destryoing a large number of blood-sucking insects at evening and night time, from 200 to 10,000 insects and even more. This number greatly depends on the mosquito contamination in the area and the particular land lot.

The built-in light sensor allows the device to engage automatically at twilight when mosquitoes are especially active. And it turns off during the day thus using electricity and CO2 rationally.

In order to switch on automatic mode, press the relevant button on the control panel. New control panel has illuminated buttons letting you change modes easily even in complete darkness.

The device's heavy duty design makes it safe to use it openly under precipitation.

Mosquito killer system GRAD Black G1

The operating principle is based on the imitation of the main factors that attract human biting insects (mosquitoes, flies, gnats, horseflies etc.) by the device.

These include:

  • device's housing is heated to body temperature of a human or warm-blooded animal;
  • carbon dioxide (СО2) is discharged to imitate breath;
  • attractant substance (nonanal) is discharged to imitate the smell of a human or animal.

Advanced suction system features very powerful, but silent fan. All the mosquitoes flying around and sitting on the device are sucked inside it little by little. Being sucked inside they get into the mesh cover where they die.

Mosquito killer system GRAD Black G1

We highly recommend utilizing high refinement grade carbon dioxide gas. Gas with impurities would significantly lower the effectiveness of the device. Such impurities as mineral oils, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia etc. may even scare mosquitoes away and thus decrease the effect of the device.

Important! The device utilizes SAFE carbon dioxide gas, not highly exposive propane. Carbon dioxide is a gas that we all exhale. It is not harmful to humans and it is not flammable. On the contrary, propane gas used by other manufacturers is HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE and needs to be treated with great care.

Operational modes of the device:

Mosquito killer system GRAD Black G1

Standard (day) mode. The most effective!
When engaged, the device constantly works in a saving mode, attracting and destroying mosquitoes all the time. In this mode mosquito population in the area will be practically destroyed in as little as 10-12 days.

Night mode. Energy efficient! Switches off automatically.
With one push of a button the device switches into this mode and light sensor will automatically control turning on and off. When illumination reaches a certain level of darkness (night time) the device will start to actively attract and destroy mosquitoes. And it will automatically turn off at daylight.

The best location for installing the device is an area between mosquito breeding spot (swamp, lake, lowland or timber) and the protected area. It can be mounted in bushes, over thick grass, under trees, etc.

Mosquito killer system GRAD Black G1

Utilization of Nonanal as an attractant allowed to significantly increase the effectiveness of mosquito attraction compared to other mosquito killing systems. There is no other device that uses this new substance — Nonanal — in the Russian market. According to a very recent science research, it is the very substance, contained in the sweat of humans and animals, that tells mosquitoes that there is food for them around. Nonanal is an alkyl aldehyde contained in human's sweat, it is a colorless and oily liquid. It "sends a message" to mosquitoes about the location where there is food for them.

Nonanal and carbon dioxide combined action multiply the number of mosquitoes that react to their effect by 1.5 times.

Products details GRAD Black G1
Dimensions, mm
  • diameter of the destroying unit — 257;
  • top cover diameter — 333;
  • height of the destroying unit — 504;
  • height of the Product installed on the supports — 937.
Weight, kg 8
Power supply AC 220V / 50Hz
Power consumption, W, max 300
Maximum protection area, ha 0.5
Operational modes Standard (day) / Night mode

Device components:

  • Mosquito killer system GRAD Black G1 (destroying block + supports)
  • Mounting kit
  • Gas-pressure reducer
  • Mesh cover
  • Container with attractant (Nonanal), 1 pce, 10 ml
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Packaging.

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